AB Responsible Investing Report


Our Vision of Corporate Responsibility

At AB, we view responsibility as an active pursuit that unites all parts of our firm—from the way we work and act to our community service and the investment solutions we deliver to our clients. Whether you’re a global institution, financial advisor or high-net-worth individual, we’re committed to being your most valued partner. 

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Effective responsible investing must start with an unwavering commitment to being a responsible firm.

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ESG integration and engagement are fundamental to our active investment and research processes.

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Leveraging our perspective as a responsible firm and investor, we’ve designed Portfolios with Purpose to deliver specific ESG-related outcomes.


Responsibility Requires More Than Words

From our perspective, it’s impossible to separate the notions of corporate responsibility and responsible investing. We must have an unwavering commitment to being a responsible firm in order to be truly effective responsible investors.

We Act Responsibly

We have an unwavering commitment to advancing our efforts as a responsible firm.


We Invest Responsibly

We fully integrate ESG considerations in our investment process and design purpose-driven solutions.

How We Act

Environmental Stewardship

We’re working to reduce our impact on the global environment—rethinking our business operations to use fewer of Earth’s precious resources. And we’re working to establish appropriate science-driven environmental metrics and targets for AB.

Social Responsibility

We’re striving to become a more dynamic, diverse and inclusive firm that engages employees, advances corporate social behavior and stays connected to our many communities.

Corporate Governance

Our business model is built on a strong risk-aware culture, prudent risk-taking and a robust governance framework that continues to evolve in the context of our limited partnership.

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Responsible Investing

As responsible investors, we scrutinize the environmental behavior of every company we research. It’s critical that we turn that same lens on ourselves, evaluating the impact we have on the environment—and how we can become better environmental stewards.

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AB’s Response to 2020

In a turmoil-filled year, we adapted rapidly to care for our people, ensure business continuity for clients and support our many communities across the globe. 

Our Strategy

Responsible Investing at AB Is Investor-Driven

To implement our responsibility strategy and measure its progress, we’ve created a structure that reflects our firmwide commitment to responsibility, from the Responsibility Steering Committee to ESG analysts and investors as well as the infrastructure that supports them.

Pyramid illustration of AB's structure: Responsibility Steering Committee at the top, followed by Responsible Investing Teams and Investing Teams, followed by ESG Analysts, ESG Working Teams, Tools and Infrastructure, Training and Strategic Partnerships on the lowest level of the pyramid

We’re committed to being leaders in responsibility—both in how we act as a firm and how we invest on behalf of our clients.

Seth Bernstein—President and CEO

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We Encourage Conversations

Please email our Responsibility team with any questions or comments.


Commitment to responsibility can’t be passive. For AB, it means being intentional and active in everything we do—from our behavior to our investments.

Sharon Fay—Chief Responsibility Officer